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Divorce in the collaborative divorce process is different from litigation. From the outset, a divorce in the litigation style is part of the court system. All the rules and procedures are established and created to work with the court.

Most litigated divorce cases settle before the couple goes to court. However, in order to get to a settlement agreement, most couples have already gone well down the litigated path. Their attorneys have spent a lot of time and money following the litigation process rules and procedures. They must do this because they never know if a litigated case is going to end up in court. They must be ready for court if the case goes that far. By the time the couple gets to an agreement, a lot of water can have gone under the bridge, taking with it chances of a continued cordial relationship between the spouses, between the Mom and the Dad.

Collaborative divorce is a process that focuses the couple and the attorneys on settlement and cordial future co-parenting for the sake of the spouses’ sanity and the sake of their children’s well being.

by Tracy B. Stewart, CPA

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