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So, Is Collaborative Divorce a Good Fit for You?

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Collaborative divorce is a peaceful, non-adversarial alternative to the typical courtroom divorce. The process has divorcing couples discovering the root of their dispute, exploring creative solutions to devise a customized settlement, communicating about needs and goals, and developing a strategy for effectively co-parenting their children after the divorce.

Based on your survey responses, collaborative divorce may be a good option for you and your spouse. Some things to keep in mind as you consider this approach:

  • Collaborative professionals work to keep the environment safe and amicable
  • Couples will work to sharpen communication skills to better relay their needs to the team and their spouse
  • The collaborative process is built on the notion of staying out of a courtroom
  • This route is not for fault-finding, avenging past wrongs or pointing fingers, but rather transparency, respect and openness
  • Collaborative will equip couples with skills and strategies to provide for their family, finances and future after a settlement is reached

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