About the Collaborative Approach

About the Collaborative Divorce Approach

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “divorce”? Bitterness? Anxiety and sadness? Devastation for children and families?

The reality is: Many couples go through the motions of a typical litigated divorce, only to end up angry and frustrated, and with an undesirable outcome for their family, finances and future imposed upon them by a judge.

Are You Facing a Divorce?

You need an option that promotes a peaceful environment, meets your long-term needs, addresses your concerns, protects your children and other relationships you share with your spouse, and sets you up to co-parent effectively after your divorce.

Collaborative divorce is a peaceful, non-adversarial alternative for couples who want to reach a settlement on their own terms, and preserve the family system as best as possible. Alongside a team of collaborative divorce professionals, couples will address the legal, financial and emotional aspects of separation, and amicably negotiate an outcome which works best for them.

What’s the Difference between Litigation and a Collaborative Divorce?

Many couples are familiar with the traditional approach to divorce, or litigation. It’s a route that pits spouses at one another, works to find fault, aims to create a win/lose scenario and ends with a judge handing down a resolution that often doesn’t align with the couple’s long-term goals.

But collaborative divorce tells a different story, one in which the couples partner with a team of attorneys, a financial professional and a divorce coach to clearly communicate needs and goals, strategize for the family and future, and develop a settlement that meets their terms.

Quick Notes on the Litigated Divorce Approach

  • Fault-finding, adversarial approach seeks to create a winner and loser.
  • Formulas and standard orders are used by a judge to determine a settlement.
  • No built-in support to cope with divorce-related finances and emotions.
  • Often painful and destructive for families and children.

Quick Notes on Collaborative Divorce

  • Encourages spouses to work amicably and cooperatively to create a customized settlement.
  • Team of professionals partners with couples to address legal, financial and emotional concerns which accompany divorce.
  • Children are given a voice through a child specialist throughout the divorce.
  • Develops a solid strategy for spouses to effectively co-parent during and after their dispute.

See for yourself how the collaborative divorce process works to deliver a calmer, cooperative alternative to the traditional courtroom divorce. Contact our team to see if you and your spouse are a good fit for the collaborative approach.