FAQ: Does the Collaborative Divorce Process Ever Fail?

FAQ: Does the collaborative divorce process ever fail? Based on my experience, the answer is “Yes.” Human relationships and personalities are infinitely complex. That’s why there is more than one way to disentangle them at the end of a marriage. Even though the collaborative approach can result in a more civilized and flexible outcome, not every couple is a good candidate for collaborative … [Read more...]

Unique Aspects of Collaborative Divorce: an Attorney’s Perspective

Imagine a typical courtroom divorce scene: attorneys battling it out, emotions running high, the outcome of the hearing as unpredictable as who will win the next World Series. If you are facing a divorce, this image alone might be enough to discourage you. The good news is that you have options. Collaborative divorce offers more control over the outcome of a divorce and can be more civilized – … [Read more...]

Visitation Rights vs. Co-Parenting

FAQ: How does collaborative divorce address “visitation”? The short answer to this common question is, “It doesn’t”. Visitation is a concept from the traditional litigated divorce process. After the Court determines custody (i.e. approved living arrangements for minor children of the divorcing couple), it also assigns designated times and conditions under which the non-custodial parent gets to … [Read more...]

Litigated vs. Collaborative Divorce: Differences in Cost and More

One of the biggest stress points of a potential divorce is its financial impact on the family. This concern does not stop with the split of financial and non-financial assets. The cost of the divorce itself can be a considerable burden. While I do not recommend opting into a DIY divorce (see 4 Reasons Why DIY Divorce Is Most Likely A Bad Idea), I do encourage clients to research their options and … [Read more...]

My Path to Collaborative Law: An Attorney’s Story

My path to collaborative law began in an unlikely place: a law firm that specialized in insurance defense. As a young attorney, I found myself being good at insurance litigation yet hating it. Lucky for me, one of the partners in that firm also practiced family law. Occasionally he would bring me in on his cases - where I discovered that I thrived on helping to solve challenging divorce puzzles. … [Read more...]