It’s not like riding a bike: second divorce complications

Some experiences are like riding a bike: if you have done it once, chances are you will be proficient at it the second time around. Unfortunately, that rule does not apply to second divorces. Just because you have been through one does not make the subsequent splits easier. My experience tells me that second and third divorces can be even more complex than the first one. Why? Here is my formula … [Read more...]

The Awful Truth About Living Expenses

It is human to make mistakes. Unfortunately, if those mistakes are made on the living expense calculations that are considered in the terms of the divorce agreement, you can forget about financial stability. If you don’t want to compromise your money situation for years to come, here are 5 common mistakes to avoid. Mistake # 1: Using rough estimates. I will say this directly and plainly: using … [Read more...]

“My spouse is crazy!” and other mental health allegations

In my years of practice as a family attorney, clients have expressed all kinds of frustration over their spouses’ decisions, behaviors, and habits. That is to be expected: after all, if Husband and Wife generally agreed on key matters like lifestyle, money management, and child rearing, there would be no need to get a divorce in the first place! Occasionally, their complaints and concerns go … [Read more...]

FAQ: My spouse and I get along just fine. Can’t we skip the co-parenting plan?

Not every divorce is an all-out brawl. In my practice, I have seen plenty of couples where Husband and Wife are able to put their differences aside, have civilized conversations about their separation, and show willingness to work together to create an outcome that everyone can live with. Can that be a recipe for disaster? Yes, if the couple decides to skip important steps in the divorce … [Read more...]

FAQ: Is there such as thing as “smooth sailing” when it comes to divorce?

A divorce process is never fun – but each couple’s experience lands in a different spot on the “pain scale”. Some divorces are relatively smooth and quick. Others seem to drag on, costing Husband and Wife a small fortune, and destroying what little goodwill and humanity is left in the relationship. If you are facing a divorce, you are probably wondering what you can do to minimize the damage, the … [Read more...]