Hope in the Midst of Divorce

The Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance (BVCDA) brings hope in the midst of divorce.     For most people, divorce is a time of great anxiety and conflict; removing the conflict and lowering anxiety levels in divorce are the goals of the BVCDA.   In the collaborative divorce, your divorce case is removed from contentious courtrooms, but each of the parties are represented by their own … [Read more...]

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for Your Family?

Are you a Bryan/College Station resident who is considering whether the collaborative divorce process is the right way to go for you and your family? Does your family depend on you and your spouse to continue working together? If you answer is yes, then think about these points. Avoiding a bitter divorce will help you two work together in the future. This process protects your children … [Read more...]

Collaborative Divorce Focuses on Your Future

In a litigated divorce the target is to get divorced. You can get divorced through out-of-court agreement or full trial in front of a judge.  Collaborative divorce focuses not just on splitting up your stuff but also on your life after divorce.  In the collaborative process the team will help you and your spouse reach an agreement that works towards reaching your goals.  The team will help you … [Read more...]

Divorce Sticker Shock

According to Urban Dictionary, sticker shock is the feeling people get when they realize the true price of an item that they initially thought was a bargain or at least a good buy. Often leads to buyers remorse.  Shane Stibora, College Station collaborative divorce attorney, explains that “nobody ever thinks divorce is a bargain, but frequently people underestimate the total cost of their … [Read more...]

Six Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Control You have control instead of the attorneys or the court having control. While you each have an attorney, you and your spouse keep the responsibility for designing your property settlement and parenting rights. Support You and your spouse shape your settlement cooperatively while each benefiting from attorney advocacy as well as financial and parenting expert advice. You benefit from … [Read more...]