Fights and co-parenting: a perspective from the communications coach

Children can become a point of contention and disagreement in even the most amicable of divorces. As a communications coach, I see these fights and wonder how two people who say they want the best for their children can have such vastly different ideas about what that “best” looks like. Co-parenting is hard. Every divorce is unique, but there are some common mistakes that I see parents make over … [Read more...]

Grandkids and divorce conversations: the realities of grey divorce

Here’s a conversation many Boomers (the generation born between 1946 and 1964) never thought they would have: sitting down over glasses of wine and milk with their grandkids to explain that Grandma and Grandpa won’t be living together any more. “But who will get the toys?” might be the next question from the curious little ones. In a way, that is what any client facing grey divorce wants to … [Read more...]

How NOT to handle money conversations in a divorce

Over the years of working as a financial planner, I have seen enough to confirm one simple truth. Most couples are uncomfortable talking about money. We can chalk that up to societal norms that make money a taboo subject or to personality differences. There are also differences in knowledge and experience. It is not uncommon to see one spouse act as a financial guru in charge of money, while the … [Read more...]

When “kids” are in charge: divorce and adult children

Much has been written about the impact of divorce on young children – so much, in fact, that many parents choose to stay together for the sake of the kids. Times goes by, kids grow up, and by the time the parents are ready to call it quits the dynamic has shifted. In some of my cases, I see the adult children take charge – and that can get ugly. Consider these two recent examples (all names … [Read more...]

Communications coach: a look under the hood

Everyone understands the role of an attorney in a divorce process. However, if you are just beginning to explore the collaborative divorce process, you may be wondering about the role of the communications coach. You have been communicating your entire life; why do you need a coach now? Why do you need a communications coach? A divorce is more than just a lengthy and expensive legal process. … [Read more...]