About the Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance

About the Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance

Offering Couples a Peaceful Alternative to Courtroom Divorce

No one likes conflict—yet all too often, couples find themselves embroiled in a bitter courtroom divorce, where they’re pitted against one another in a combative, fault-focused litigated case. Sadly, this is often messy, costly, uncomfortable and devastating to families—and it’s the reason we formed the Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance.

Our Mission Statement

To inform the community about the collaborative divorce option as a better way to divorce, a way to preserve the family and protect the children.

Families, children and futures are paramount to us individually and collectively. In May 2013, our interdisciplinary team was formed, comprised of four attorneys, two mental health professionals and a certified public accountant, all committed to offering Central Texas couples a better way to divorce.

Profoundly saddened seeing family systems and finances ravaged by the traditional courtroom divorce process, our team offers a culmination of experience from over 100 collaborative cases, and decades of insight from the legal, mental health and financial industries.

Collaborative divorce, the concept behind Divorce Done Differently, infuses solutions for many of the challenges with litigated divorce our team has experienced firsthand through the years, some of which include:

  • Attorneys have seen how the one-size-fits-all approach to litigated settlements isn’t the best option for all families.
  • Mental health professionals have provided support and counsel to divorced couples and children due to the harmful effects which result from marital disputes.
  • Financial professionals have witnessed financial security and stability endangered by adversarial divorce processes.

Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

Your family, finances and future matter, and it’s why we want to share the collaborative divorce approach with you and your spouse. Read more about the differences between collaborative and litigated divorce, explore how the collaborative divorce process works, meet the faces behind our team. Remember: You can always contact our collaborative divorce team anytime, and we can discuss the process and what options you and your spouse have.